About Me

I started riding horses at the age of 8. After dabbling into many different styles of barns as a youth including cow cutting, AQHA western pleasure/trail, Morgan Horse western pleasure, and schooling barns. I finally settled on show jumping and got my first horse, Max at the age of 13.  I did my first county level jumper show at 15 and competed heavily in the county and “A” circuit jumpers for the next 5 years.


I got my second horse Annabel who is now my endurance horseIn 2011, I got fed up and ran out of options after never really being completely satisfied in the show jumping world. I switched to eventing and brought along both Max and Annabel along for the new change of pace. They transitioned well and sadly Max passed away at the age of 14 to colon cancer later that Fall. I spent 2012-2014 attempting to compete in eventing with Annabel. She was too much of a hot head at dressage so I never placed in the lower levels and when I reached Training level she started refusing jumps on cross country (refusing in show jumping was a big issue t00).


In 2014-2015, I gave one last attempt in the show jumping world, and was financially exhausted trying to keep up with the training and limited amount of shows I can do. I finally decided last summer after showing at my first A show in 5 years that could no longer keep up with the lifestyle.


My journey into endurance began when I found a privately owned breeding facility near my work and house which immediately cut my board bill in half. During my last stint in show jumping, I told my trainer that if this didn’t work out for us, I would retire her and make her my trail horse. I remember telling family members how nice it would be to just focus on my career and cut my expenses down to just trail ride recreationally. I also recall going on a trail ride with friends in California and mentioning how I think Annabel could be decent at it since she loves the trail. When I arrived at my new barn, I met a woman who was finishing her first year in endurance. I started going on trail rides with her in the fall, and did a “12 mile Fun Ride” to finish off the year.

After devoting myself to a nearly $2000 Endurance Saddle, tack, equipment, and gear I am preparing myself for the 2016 season as a green bean.

When I am not in the saddle, I work full-time as a Physical Education teacher and Athletic Director where I teach K-8 PE, and run our Jr. High sports programs. I enjoy a variety of other activities including cross fit, weight training, running, surfing, and golf and in my free time I love to organize, cook, and bake.

Annabel is a 15 year old Thoroughbred x Warmblood mare that I’ve owned for 9 years now. She’s been deemed “unsellable” by every trainer I’ve worked with because of her opinionated personality and hot temperament. This mare never tires out and has endless amounts of energy. I was afraid to sell her or give her away because I was worried she’d end up in the wrong hands so I’ve always tried different things with her.



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