On Sunday, when I eagerly went out for my last conditioning before the Grand Canyon hoping to do about 14 miles I had to abruptly stop about a 1/4 mile into my ride. Annabel was off. She was bobbing her head pretty bad and was off in her trot. I hopped off and was disappointed realizing the only reason that could be happening is her Ground Control shoes that my farrier put on two weeks ago. While checking her feet out I noticed that her shoes had gotten flexible enough that I could peel them back from the heel. I assumed that it was quite possible a small stone may have gotten wedged in there and stressed over my options.

Fortunately, my training partner’s farrier had come out today to do her horse’s glue-on Easy Shoe Performance shoes and he was able to fit me in after my farrier was booked for the week. It ended up working out because I had been wanting those shoes this whole time and had been fighting my farrier over it for about a year now. The farrier said that there was some swelling in her right front near the inner wall but it could have been related to anything. I just hope I can trot her out tomorrow soundly and be able to start and finish this weekend. The other good thing was this farrier was a dealer for Renegades so he was able to try out different sizes and was able to tell me her correct size. I got two things accomplished today that I’ve been longing to accomplish!

I feel like the Easy Shoe Performance shoes are more rugged for the type of terrain I ride in and am hoping it is the solution to all of her problems. I’m hoping Annabel is able to trot out soundly tomorrow but if she’s not I will be taking my training partner’s mustang, Wyatt that I’ve ridden a few times. At least I have a plan B.


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