Weekend Getaway: Little Elden Springs

Last weekend, I met up with ten other Arizona endurance riders; aka “Zonies” in the refreshing and beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. This was not the first time we’ve done a meet up, it was actually my second time and we spent a longer weekend up there over Memorial Day weekend. Yet, I still don’t think I could get enough of Little Elden Springs Horse Camp.

We went up on Saturday and came home on Sunday. We did our ride on Saturday which was 12 miles of terrain did a 2000’+ climb up to the San Franciso Peaks and then down the backside on a trail that said “Not Recommended for Horses”. It was a nerve-wracking one hour down the mountain to get to the Heart Trail. I was too afraid to ride Annabel down them mounted but I probably should have stayed on. Once I did eventually get back on her it wasn’t that bad but we were getting lower to the ground! This was also Annabel’s first time wearing Ground Control shoes, a plastic nail in shoe with tread. Although they took a beating with all the rocks, they are still on and we even had no trouble climbing up so boulders.




Taking a little break.IMG_1463

At the top of the Mountain

IMG_1464On the way down the mountain.

What is really fun about these weekend getaways with other endurance riders is allowing for some downtime. On Saturday, we grilled steaks and salmon with potatoes and corn and on Sunday everyone slowly got up at their own pace and joined us for a breakfast of chorizo and eggs. It’s nice to be able to hang out every now and then without the rush of an early morning ride. Most of us opted out of a Sunday morning ride before we left.

If you’ve never been to or of heard of Little Elden Springs Horse Camp it is a wonderful weekend getaway especially during out hot summer months. The temperatures are cooler and much more comfortable to ride in while the valley battles triple digit weather. All the camp sites are a 40′ max pull through with a picnic table, grill, and some have a “wash rack” and hose. The sites also have hi-lines already up and Annabel loves hanging out on those. In the middle of the camp there is a large stock water tank you can lead your horses up to for a drink and there is also a public restroom. The camp hosts are very friendly and dedicated. They also had no problem bringing me some firewood on Sunday morning. I hope we can get one more trip in before they close in October. Next ride will be at the Grand Canyon and I can’t wait!