June Miles & July Goal

My mileage goal for this month was 81 miles. I had planned on doing two LDs in a row to earn 50 but we pulled the second day as my mare wasn’t in the best condition after the first one. So we did not reach our goal of 81 miles. We did a total of 59 miles this month which means for July our goal will be 65 miles.

July will be a bit of a challenge as we head back to Arizona on July 11th. We will have to do very early 5 am rides because of the heat, and I will be limited to Skyline Regional Park because Annabel has no protection on her hooves from the rocks at Estrella Regional Park. So we will have short distances with terrain. We also do not have any official rides in July and won’t until September. In order to make this goal happen I will have to ride Skyline about 5 miles each ride and plan to ride 3x a week so about 15 miles each week.


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