MapQuest and CDs

I tend to not really follow a lot of the trends that typical “Millenials” get into. I get along really well with older adults and was raised by parents who grew up in the 50’s/ 60’s, and brothers who grew up in the 70s/80s. There are two things that I can be a bit old school with considering my generation.

  1. I use “MapQuest”. Many Millenials can’t get from point A to B without having turn-by-turn navigation.  When it comes to going on these adventures (endurance rides, camping, trail riding) with my mare I always get directions off Mapquest. I review the directions, sometimes write a sticky note to simplify it, and put it on my steering wheel. When I’m driving a truck and trailer, the last thing I want to do is be distracted by my GPS and I want to make sure the route I take is appropriate for my rig.
  2. I still love CDs. This current generation grew up with iPods and listening to music on shuffle. I love playing CDs when I go on a trip. The quality is so much better, and I find it less distracting then finding it on my phone. It’s easier to pop a CD in and out of my CD player. It also makes me really indulge in what I’m listening to. I love hearing the songs in order and the anticipation of hearing a favorite song. Most albums tell some kind of a story if you listen to the whole thing. You get a different perspective of the album when you listen to the album entirely than bits and pieces on shuffle.

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