Little Elden Horse Camp.

Memorial Day Weekend I stayed at Little Elden Horse Camp in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. I’m a little late on my post but I hauled in for the summer to southern California on Wednesday and have been busy since I got here.

I arrived in Flagstaff very late Friday night but woke up to a very beautiful morning. I woke up to see the peaceful woods in full color and listened to the sounds of the morning. I made bacon and eggs for breakfast and had a little friend join me; a random kitty.

It was nice to have a lazy kind of morning as everyone took their time to get ready and head out on the trail. There wasn’t a rush in the morning like at endurance rides. Once we did mount up we headed out into the woods in a brisk trot but we weren’t leading like usual and I constantly had to look down at the ground and guide Annabel in between large rocks. The most enjoyable part of the ride was being able to walk up a 4.5 mile section of the trail that led to a look out point while being the lead. A lot of these trails I felt weren’t trottable and you missed a lot of the scenery if you were trotting. It was nice to just relax and look around at everything. We had a BBQ later that night with some other riders and enjoyed company around a campfire.

I’m just getting ready to leave, my mare was loaded in the trailer and I noticed my phone went off. I felt I wasn’t quite ready to leave the camp yet. It was my friend Katherine who wanted to come up. So I drove about 100′ away to a new campsite and unloaded Annabel. After Katherine arrived we set off on the Little Elden Springs Trail, to Shultz Tank, to the lookout trail. The same trails as yesterday. I felt much better walking the whole thing and we had a lot of fun. After we got back and later in the evening we made bbq chicken breasts and baked beans and hung out around our campfire.

Katherine and I set off in the morning own Little Elden Springs trail but instead of turning right at the end of the trail we decided to go left. The trail was called the “Heart” trail, something along those lines. It was a pretty little trail that took about two hours total to do both ways. At one point it led us to a meadow where we were able to canter the horses in which they happily did so.

Overall, it was a great trip and I am planning on heading back out there in maybe October so we can see all the leaves changing color.


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