Mt. Carmel Ride

I did the long-awaited Mt. Carmel ride last Saturday and had an amazing trip! I am just now writing about it because I was trying to get through this final week of school/work where I can enjoy my two months off.


I had a later than planned start on Friday morning  but was on the road around 9am. I thought it was quicker to go towards Vegas to Utah but I ended up probably doing an extra two hours and took the “scenic route” through Zion National Park (pretty but not ideal with a truck camper and trailer). I finally arrived close to 7pm.


Driving through Zion National Park. 


Both Annabel & I were happy campers. She now has a Hi-Tie and loves it! I love watching her on it too.

The ride was absolutely beautiful, scenic, and featured a lot of different terrain. We started out going up a woodsy hill with soft red dirt, to carefully climbing down loose rock, slate, and sand, to bobbing back in and out of trees, to open flat grass land. Our ride started out with a scare when within our first five minutes of the ride this horse in front of us reared up and fell backwards on it’s rider. We ended up finding the horse a few minutes later and returned it close to camp. For the most part, my ankles and knees were pretty pain free but I am trying to figure out how to be pain-free in my crotch area (I know, embarrassing). I currently ride commando with baby powder and that still didn’t help out. I was really sad to see my friend Katherine have to return to the vet check (at mile 16, I think) because her horse looked lame. I wish I had stayed with her and it would have made me feel better about finishing the ride. The night before at the ride meeting, the ride manager mentioned about climbing down the steep hill and pointed to this big hill and I thought it was an exaggeration. He wasn’t kidding! I could not believe I was leading my Thoroughbred down this steep, winding, hill with loose rocks and big chunks of slate. I probably should have tried to stay on her as I was huffing and puffing going down the hill. Not only that but she managed to step on my right foot, and literally a half second later I tripped on a rock with my left foot so I was on my knees staring down the hill. We did complete our second LD though which is exciting! I wobbled into camp and passed out in my camper as soon as I got Annabel settled. I was so tired!


What I woke up to.


My posse crossing some water. 


The only time I was able to snap a picture of beautiful Utah.

I slept in a little bit despite waking up early to feed and un-blanket. For some reason, I get the best night’s sleep when I’m camping. It’s the peacefulness and hearing the horses, I don’t know but I sleep like a rock and love hearing horses outside. I made chorizo and eggs and took my time getting ready and enjoyed the morning. Annabel spent a couple hours just staring and whinnying down the trail because she didn’t understand why they all left and she was still there. She probably was ready to do another 25 again. The drive home wasn’t too bad except it was a bit windy. However, it was just as scenic coming home as it was going to Utah. This time I just went south from Utah into Arizona.


Annabel looked sadly down the trail as all the other horses went for a ride without her. 


Going over the Colorado River on a bridge. It was quite a sight!

Next ride: Descanso in San Diego, CA.


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