18 Miles/39 Miles

Annabel and I did an 18 mile ride today at the Sonoran Preserve. I swapped out the western fenders on my Tucker saddle for some english leathers with sheepskin. I could not believe the difference it made. My knees and ankles had so much more flexibility, I was practically pain-free today. When I did my first LD in March my ankles were killing me towards the end of the loops. Although we did 18 miles, and 6 yesterday, Annabel decided to eat up the terrain and haul ass. She is going to be a wicked fast LD horse, and thats all her, I let her pick the pace and I just go with her. I can’t believe my Thoroughbred has this much energy to power through the way she does. The Sonoran Preserve makes for the perfect training ride. It has long climbing, winding hills, and downhill most sections are trot-able. I didn’t have to walk for more than 5 minutes at a time. We also looped through and walked and trotted through a wash. The weather was amazing as we are having storms rolling through it kept the air cool for an April ride.


Taking a walk break to view the storm that had gone past us. 13100905_10204656835540822_1129059716932043564_n13076553_10204656835340817_7237617497517058440_n

We spent some time walking and trotting through this wash.


I started my Endomondo a little late, I had forgotten. We actually ended up doing 18 miles.

I did not hit my goal of 49 miles this month. We got close though and did 39 miles for the month of April. Its baseball and softball season at my school so my Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are reserved for attending games, I also had the stomach flu for a couple days earlier in the month and had to cancel a ride because I was about to get a respiratory infection; I caught it just in time though and took antibiotics right away.

My goal for the month of may is to do 43 miles which includes an LD at Mt. Carmel in Utah! My boss said it was okay that I took that Friday off for traveling!



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