Behind on my Goal

I wanted to hit 49 miles by the end of the month but I’m running out of days to ride 😦 I was supposed to go ride 18 miles in Prescott today but started developing the well-known symptoms of a respiratory infection yesterday (I get them all the time as a teacher). I didn’t think it would be a good idea to try and ride today and had to cancel late afternoon yesterday.


Desert Survival Kit

I am on a roll with these checklists! Here’s a checklist I made based off the Desert Survival Kit checklist that was printed in April’s Trail Rider Magazine. I made it so I could print it out and start collecting some of this stuff. Click the link below to get the word doc.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.02.00 PM



15 Equine-Travel Emergency Supplies

I’m the queen of making checklists and I have checklist for a variety of things. While reading the April Issue of Trail Rider magazine there was an article published by US Rider about the 15 Equine Travel Emergency Supplies you should have with you when hauling. I went on US rider to look for the checklist but couldn’t find it so I decided to make my own. Below is a link to download it to Word. Enjoy!


Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 10.23.06 AM


Equine Travel Emergency Supplies Checklist

3.6 Miles

I took Annabel to Estrella this afternoon for a solo ride. It was warm today; 95 degrees when I pulled up but also hazy. I did the uphill of the Turnbuckle loop (2 miles) to the Mountain Wash loop down hill (~1.6 miles). I mostly walked today. Because I was riding alone I let Annabel pick the pace she wanted to go. She trotted every now and then going uphill on the Turnbuckle loop, but with the terrain it was mostly just walking. She also decided to walk up the switchbacks. She did better going down the hill then the other day but she still seems achy. I really can’t afford to do injections or anything on her though. I might just consider adding a joint supplement. She was on HylaLube for a month but it didn’t seem to help.

My goal is to get 49 miles this month whether in the saddle or while hiking. I’m planning on doing 6 miles this weekend in Sedona on a hike.

On another note, there’s days where I want to transform my body and get back into crossfit. But I don’t like the idea of spending the afternoon inside a gym when I can enjoy the beauty of Arizona.