I took Annabel out for her first ride on Wednesday evening to Estrella Regional Park, which compared to Skyline looks so bland. However, my riding partner Andrea was having tack issues after getting a new saddle and my right knee was aching really bad. We just did a little 3 mile loop at a walk.

Yesterday, I took Annabel to Skyline alone. Annabel started out in a brisk trot up the hill for about a mile or two, and then suddenly decided she wanted to walk. I thought it was strange so I let her walk up the hill. Then going down the backside, she was really slow going down the hill and stopped a couple times on her own. I was wondering if something was bothering her. I decided to just finish on that loop instead of attempting the other. I know Annabel, I allow her to give me her opinion when it comes to the trail. She has absolutely no problem charging forward in a Standardbred trot, or navigating switchbacks by herself while I just hang on, and the fact that she wanted to walk was odd to me.

I decided to give her today off, and tomorrow I will ride with Andrea again. I suggested we just do somewhere flat with soft footing like a wash.

Here’s my one and only shot from yesterday’s ride. I love spring time in AZ.


On another note, Andrea suggested I swap out my western fenders for english stirrup leathers. But that’s one of things I love about my saddle is it’s versatility. I can either ride in a full on endurance look, or I can go out in boots, jeans, and a ball cap. I updated my Pinterest for my riding wishlist and added all of the Tucker Saddlery pieces that would go with my saddle. I kind of like the idea of riding her like a western horse with split reins. It makes me feel like I’m traveling somewhere in the Old West 200-300 years ago. I watch too much Hell on Wheels lol.


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  1. You’re too young to be having knee issues lol. I wonder what was up with Annabel for her to not want to continue on? Was she limping at all or did she have hot legs after the ride? Beautiful picture from your ride. That’s cool you like the idea of riding western and kinda cracks me up bc I’m trying to go from western to English haha. I think you are a better rider for having done English first. When I ride Sega in an English saddle it’s like riding bareback. It’s so slick and there’s nothing to grab a hold of when going up a hill or down a hill. I don’t hold the horn when riding western, but somehow the seat just holds me in better. I wanted to ask you about jumping sometime. Do you have a youtube channel?
    Have fun on your ride with Andrea tomorrow! Hope Annabel is feeling like herself. =]


  2. Her legs didn’t feel hot or anything. I’m wondering if it was either a stone bruise on her back feet which seems unlikely, her joints hurt but she’s not that old and is on a joint supplement, or maybe her ovaries were hurting but I don’t know if she is in heat right now. Whatever it was, she just had an off day. I get what you mean, my saddle has a high pommel, it’s basically a western saddle without the horn and I feel super secure in it! I love it! I do have a lot of videos of Annabel and I jumping. Here’s a link to one of our videos, which will send you to the rest of them!


  3. Well hopefully whatever it was she’s over it now. Sucks when your horse isn’t up to par. :\ I’ve been going nuts with Sega being lame since the last ride. Didn’t realize how much I ride. Sweet! Thanks for sharing your video. I’d love to go thru your videos! =]


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