Saturday Solo Ride

It’s been a very rough month for me. My truck was involved in a hit and run while being parked in a parking lot, the trailer came unhitched while my training partner was using my trailer with her truck, I broke up with my boyfriend, a student passed away at my school, we just finished up our basketball and soccer tournaments which requires me to work overtime, and I was out for an entire week earlier this month from strep throat and the flu. I’m just ready for February to be over with. Anytime I am stressed or upset all I want to do is ride and escape for an hour.

Earlier this week, I got my truck cleared by a collision center that my frame is still safe for hauling. I just need to have the bumper replaced and some scratches fixed. I spent yesterday afternoon (after working a tournament in the morning) making sure my trailer was safe again. I replaced the emergency brake wire and put a new battery in. I was super eager all day over getting out and in the saddle. I get to use my new bridle, reins, and breast collar (which are hot pink), new helmet and my new saddle cantle bag. I feel like the tack and equipment list I made several months ago is finally becoming complete and makes me more eager to ride the more prepared I am.

It was late in the afternoon, I didn’t arrive at the barn until about 5:15pm, so I knew it would be a quick ride but still worth it. I took her to our usual training place, Skyline Regional Park in Buckeye, AZ which is 10 minutes from the barn, but this time I would be all by myself as my training partner is doing her first 100 mile ride in California. I couldn’t figure out how to get the rear cantle bag on (I’ll have to YouTube it), but my new helmet felt no different than wearing a ball cap it was so lightweight. Annabel looked cute and ready to go in her hot pink gear. A little girl’s eyes lit up when she got out of her dad’s SUV to see Annabel so I allowed her to pet her. Annabel likes all the attention she gets on the trails.

We only did about 3 miles as I was fighting the remaining day light. I forgot to push start on Endomondo. We did our usual trotting up the hill and walking down the other side of the hill. I got some great pictures and a video. I love life outside an arena, both myself and Annabel are really enjoying it and I am so fortunate to be able to live and train in beautiful Arizona.




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