Happy Friday!

I guess this is my first official post documenting my adventure into my first season in Endurance. Since October, I have been slowly getting my feet wet in training and conditioning, gathering the right tack and equipment, and doing a 12 mile fun ride a few months ago. I am getting closer to my first 25 mile ride on March 13th.

I made an order to Riding Warehouse two days ago and I already got my new helmet, cantle bag, and a safety ring for tying Annabel up to the trailer.

I’ve been wearing this Charles Owen SP8 helmet for the last couple of years. It seems practical for endurance with the oversized visor but Charles Owen although a wonderful helmet, doesn’t have a lot of ventilation and are a tad heavy. The last couple of rides I’ve done I went without a helmet and just wore a ball cap. So I was super excited that this came in the mail already. I wasn’t hesitant at all to order it because $79 is nothing for a helmet compared to show jumping. My sister’s GPA First Lady is almost $700. The pic on the top left is myself in my CO from last summer and what I was using for a while. The Tipperary feels really lightweight and has a neat look to it. I got lucky with the fit. I didn’t even measure my head. I tried on my training partner’s and she wore a small, it fit just a tad tight so I assumed a medium would fit and luckily it did.

Tipperary Sportage 8500 $79.95 @ Riding Warehouse

I also got the Easycare Stowaway Western Cantle Saddle bag which is a bestseller on Riding Warehouse. I plan on using a Camelbak for my ride on March 13th, but I’ve heard from a lot of other riders they use the water bottles to pour on their horse’s necks and I can also fill one with Gatorade (which I like for activities where I’m in the sun most of the day).


EasyCare StowAway Western Cantle Bag $56.95 @ Riding Warehouse

It also was necessary to buy this little thing before Annabel’s first overnight camping trip. My mare has spent well over a decade staying in stalls at horse shows. She’s pretty good standing at the trailer once she’s settled. I will be sleeping in the backseat of my truck for Old Pioneer. Even though I tie Annabel in a quick release method, it sometimes gets loose over time after being tugged on.


$24.95 @ Riding Warehouse

I got all of these products within two days and paid $0.00 for shipping! This is my second order from Riding Warehouse and I’ve been very pleased. The cantle bag was even backordered so I was surprised to see it in the box when I opened it.


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